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#no you don’t understand #you can’t understand this this is the worst possible thing #because in this moment Kirk knows #he watches Spock die #he feels how important Spock will become to him #how important he is to Spock #and then Khan happens #and the enterprise is falling # and he remembers the radiation core and he knows #he knows what is going to happen #and he refuses #he can’t let that happen #not to Spock #because Spock is everything #so he goes into the radiation core alone #and later when Spock finds him #Kirk dies with a smile on his face #because it doesn’t matter anymore #because he saved Spock

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#you fucker 



Just give him the flower, Jim.  You know you want to.

#James T. Kirk #casually subverting masculine stereotypes since 1966 #he literally stops to smell the roses on some random alien planet #not to mention all the seducing of enemies to save his ass #and idealistic speeches about love and romance

yep, bless all of this

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he exists now only in my memory

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Sexual preference: angry Vulcans that are a little into erotic asphyxiation


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